I met someone. I fell in love. I think it was love. and Lord, was I IN LOVE. Hugging them, just hugging them, brought me peace. See, I had never felt anything like it before. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I had never been in love before them. No. I had been in… Continue reading Love



I'm okay See my smile My face even has the right crinkles, the ones around my eyes I'm showing all my teeth I must be okay Why wouldn't I be okay Don't I have friends family They seem to like me well enough So I must be okay I have a career a roof over… Continue reading Okay


To she who feels too much Cares too much Loves too much She who says too much Shows too much To she who can't seem to be able to get it together She who accommodates too much Gives too many chances To she who seems like too much of everything You are not too much… Continue reading She


I love you Too deeply Maybe Some might say obsessively Others passionately Some may say I just love you Your arms How they wrap around me I forget everything else Just from your touch Your smile Cliché, but it brightens my day I can not look at your smile without wondering Wondering how something seemingly… Continue reading Wondrous


Shady directions Shady looking buildings The sun, too hot to stand No trees around to offer shade Just passed through a market place A dirty market Too many people noticing me Sticking out like a sore thumb The market is close Should be hearing the noise But this place is too quiet Like a house… Continue reading Shattered